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Bára Prášilová

Growing into fashion?

We generally automatically expect fashion photography to go hand in hand with business. We expect then that this should be the case for the small Czech market, where after years of a non-market environment and scarcity, fashion photography is still looking to find itself. Magazines here usually publish only localised linguistic versions of foreign fashion editorials, or eventually local artists attempt to photograph something similar (to that in foreign magazines) with a much smaller budget. Despite this a number of original creative artists have been able to draw attention to themselves. Bára Prášilová (*1979), a student at the Institute of Creative Photography at Silesian University in Opava, ranks along with the duo, Radka and René, Salim Issa, and Adam Holý among the most expressive artists on the contemporary Czech fashion photography scene. Therefore she must be included in this issue of Fotograf.

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