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Fred Kramer

Ad photographer in a time of scarcity

Fred Kramer has held a place in the field of fashion photography of the 1950s and 1960s similar to that of Jindřich Brok, a year his senior and also a graduate of glass photography studies at the State Graphics School in Prague. Kramer’s long-term tenure at Prague’s FAMU, where he worked between 1967-1980 teaching the subject of advert photography, also contributed to this. However it is lesser known that similar to his activity in the world of fashion he was also universally active as an advert photographer, capturing a broad range of images from photographs of industrial products, musical instruments, cosmetics and jewellery, and perhaps pictures of glass as well. Today even the expert public knows probably only of his “Košiře Madonna“, a slightly erotic photograph that hung above the tap at the pub at Klamovka and became the logo of the Revolver Revue, whose editorial staff met in that bar. Tomáš Žežulka wrote about it in his dissertation work at FAMU in 1980 as later did Miroslav Vojtěchovský, Daniela Mrázková and Jan Mlčoch.

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