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Tina Tahir

Interview with Tina Tahir by Jan Čihák

Between the years of 2000 to 2003 you studied photography and printing at the University of the Arts London; what where your main interests and goals at that time?

At that time I was collaborating with several very talented fashion graduates from Central St. Martins College, in particular with Lesley Mobo, whose work is breathtaking, and had the right poetic quality to realize my vision, and vice versa. We looked in the same direction, we were hardworking and dared to explore. There was no life beyond that. We were constantly scouting for good locations. What I liked about working with Mobo was, there were no limits, I had complete creative freedom, so the first illustrations on photographs happened right there. It’s crucial to work with people you can trust, who you connect with. It’s everything. So, at the time, the goal was: high fashion, you know, names like Dior, John Galliano, Chloé – until you realize, to get there you have to pass creative gurus, and fashion dinosaurs like Nick Knight, whose work is just darn amazing. Specially for someone who is just starting out that can be very discouraging, as the way to get there seems infinitely long. Time is the factor, and patience, all you can do, is keep yourself busy. In 2003 I did get my lucky break, by the German magazine AMICA, for a beauty spread, and that was the beginning, so to speak.

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