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Interview with Carl Öhman by Kateřina Marková Data of the Dead: What We Leave Behind for Future Generations

According to the United Nations, 2.2 billion people will die over the next three decades. Many of them have a digital presence today, resulting in vast collections of data. These include thousands of documents and photos, but also things like search history, or biometrical information. The data is created by the people themselves, their social circles, or generated by the digitally enabled devices and services that they use. Whoever owns their data will have an ultimate say in what will become our collective past. We have the unique opportunity to create the first diverse and representative archive in the history of humankind. It’s no longer about what will happen to my or your data after we die. It is about what will happen to our entire genera- tion. If we want to have a say, we need to start now.

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#38 death, when you think about it

#38 death, when you think about it


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