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Disruptors of Social Stomach

What does it Mean to Digest the Landscape?

The survival, and even the evolution of society itself, is possible mainly due to the continuous maintenance of the digestion process and the associated process of fermentation. The following text is an attempt to outline the cultural and political connotations of these processes. First and foremost, I want to address the correlation between the flora of “society’s stomach” and the aesthetics of a biocultural landscape, which I think of as the microcosm of a landscape and a nation in both the ecologic/geographic as well as the symbolic/social sense. There is an idea associated with these aspects, which believes that a correlation exists between the landscape of our intestines and the geographic landscape. Each one of us, without exception, participates in shaping a landscape. We do so primarily through our stomach, and it has never had such power or impact as it does today.

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