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Peter Bartoš

ZOO Bratislava

Although Slovak neo avant-garde artist Peter Bartoš (1938) is a radical figure on the Slovak art scene, his work has still not been fully documented. Since he only selectively shares information about his work, Bartoš is difficult to access. His background as a painter, though, has always been an important impetus for his work. And, whilst strongly bound to ontological meanings, at the same time his works are based on a conceptual analysis of the medium of painting and its innate structure. Bartoš wanted to extend the possibilities of painting and create work that would be absorbed by nature and further permanently transformed or recycled within it. He has performed several processual experiments with ephemeral natural materials, such as snow. His documentation includes photo series paintings, re-drawings, photocopies (cyclostyles, Xerox – in the 1970s, zinc Xerox), montages, and even imprints, finger painting, paintings made whilst walking, etc.

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