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Jakub Jansa

The Entrepreneur of Human Souls

Jakub Jansa has been an athlete, but he also has co-operated with
many prominent Czech artists: he has been influenced by Federico
Díaz’s experimental seedbed and successfully completed his studies in
Díaz’s Supermedia studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design
in Prague. Together with graphic designer Petr Babák, he has built the
automated exposition of The Most Beautiful Book Award. He has curated
a series of exhibitions for the Czech Centre in New York City, where he
also joined Jonáš Strouhal and co-founded the First Scratch service to
help suppress the anxiety from damage to newly acquired electronics. In
the past two terms, he was the head of the Temporary Arts studio at the
Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague—first
via Skype as a detached guru, and then, together with guests, as a flying
“Instagram” curator of Domenico De Chirico. The studio has also been
presented at this year’s Art Basel fair.

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