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Ondřej Přibyl

would you use a weapon against a person?

Ondřej Přibyl (born 1978, and since 1999 a student at the photography studio at the School of Architecture and Applied Arts in Prague) prefers to choose those themes that portray the problems of our civilization in a broader social context. Přibyl’s works are firmly rooted in photography. His rational conception is based on a precision and an objectivity of seeing. In contrast to his older, often staged series in which he worked with the human factor and was concerned mainly with problems of communication, in recent years the artist’s interest has shifted towards documenting certain phenomena, of either society or landscape. In these works photography is not a means of manipulating the segment of reality that it frames. Přibyl does not conceal reality, but rather in his sober rendition he ”makes precise“ a reality that in itself is absurd.

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