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Paula Miklosevic

re-constructing space in the portraits

Paula Miklosevic’s photographic portraits collected in the cycle Ideal Place are reminiscent of the approaches used in visual anthropology or related sociological research. Their aim is to capture the aspect and thinking of young people from Eastern Europe, and can probably be expected to reflect their experience as well as the local history and its current (mis)adventures. The portraits in themsleves are absolutely indifferent, mostly standing figures in a landscape; perhaps therein lies the artist’s message: people are the same everywhere, and what changes is the cultural, historical, or gender context. The accompanying texts state the name, age and place of birth of the portrayed. The protagonists of the photographs express themselves in a short sentence outlining their idea of an ”ideal place“ for living; and these are rather terse: the ideal place is ”where people understand me“, and so on.

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#5 Borders of Documentary


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