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Braco Dimitrijević


Every generation of visual artists is influenced by the work of previous generations. As a rule, they tend to define themselves in opposition to the generation immediately preceding them, while consciously drawing on the generation slightly older than that. Apart from this condition of solidarity along the temporal vertical, the visual code of a given period is also formed by paradigms in place at that point in time and visionary projections into the future. In this way, there emerged in the former Yugoslavia at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s an exceptionally strong generation of late Modernists, who respected the specificity of local tradition while also absorbing the international trends of the day and adapting them in a most peculiar way to the context of the Balkans. The points of departure of the individual participants were different, and in fact their paths would ultimately diverge. The impact of this generation upon the post-Yugoslav cultural atmosphere, however, persists to this day. 

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#20 Public Art