Fotograf Magazine

#20 Public Art

In relation to art in the public space, it is rather unusual to focus primarily on the medium of photography, despite the fact that public space in general is saturated with the photographic image. For this reason, we have decided to highlight those projects which offer an intervention into the monopoly of the commercial messages seen in public. At the same time, these are images which are site-specific in nature, also addressing such issues as the role of galleries and other institutions designated as places for art. 

The next issue of Fotograf magazine is dedicated to the theme of Public Art, and will focus on photographic projects which work with public space (meaning actual physical spaces, rather than the virtual space of the internet and new media – a subject so vast that it could not be contained within the forthcoming issue). We have selected those projects that make us vigilant and hopeful that a single individual can still have an impact on public space.