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Silvina Arismendi

For The Perfect Stranger: Home Inside Out

Before moving to New York, the young Uruguayan artist Silvina Arismendi (b. 1976) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. As a result, for most of the last decade she took part in the activities of the Czech art scene, participating in group exhibitions and holding several solo ones in the most regarded local off-spaces. In the final phase of her sojourn in the Czech Republic, she extended her initiatives with the galería parásito project, which functioned as a production label organizing exhibitions as a collaborative effort linking institutions in the Czech Republic and those in the Americas. In an issue dedicated to the relationship between photography and performance art, Fotograf magazine published the documentation of her happening at the Futura Gallery in Prague, where on the opening night of the show entitled I Do Not Exist If You Do Not See Me (Neexistuju když mě nevidíš, 2007) she tore up the photographic archive of all of the items in her possession. She then gathered the fragments of this catalogue, previously presented at two exhibitions, in a large pile. 

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