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Ján Kekeli

Life Consists of Little Touches of Lonelines

Ján Kekeli’s cycle Life Consists of Little Touches of Lonelines is, at first glance, a very heterogenous cycle. On the one hand, the artist works with digital photography, with which he portrays more or less traditional views of interiors; however, on the other, he uses drawing and painting to intervene directly in the photographic image or as another possible artistic medium in its own distinct way. On some occasions he marks his photographs with gold leaf, at other times with a black marking pen. In his works, gold may sometimes hold the “lead role” on baryte paper, but elsewhere it plays a “secondary role”, such as in the form of a golden square on the wall in one of his views looking into a room. We will also find gold in the eyes of a young woman in one of his black-and-white pictures, or used as a word on in a play on words (for instance Zlatíčko– Zlatko–Zlato–Au*) in text on paper.

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