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Martin Vongrej

Spaces of Thoughts

In his all-encompassing exhibitions Slovak visual artist Martin Vongrej (b: 1986) combines photography, painting, text, and objects. Within his words, the image and the word are complementary components of spacetime animations of the relationships between the acts of perceiving and thinking, realised through reversing, cyclical, mirroring, or repetitive systems. Over the years, Vongrej has developed a befitting symbolic structure for this purpose that he has based on geometry. “The human body, each particle of it, is arranged in a geometrical system – it is the law, purity and order of form. And so, every creator is inevitably (whether he likes it or not) a carrier of geometry. If we make an effort using various means of discipline and imagination to achieve brightness, unity and certainty of a pure form, we always approach the geometric system of art.”

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