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Miloš Šejn

About the Thousand Levels of the Landscape’s Sensitivity

Thanks to the light reflectance values of black and white, their varied tonality, contrast, and brightness contained within a wide range of shades, black and white photography has acquired the ability to express an extraordinarily persuasive imaginative nuance of reality and fantasy, dreams and reality, idyll and horror – the atmospheres of our lives. Within these atmospheres, Milos Šejn depicts the landscape as a projection of humankind in the landscape, as an admission of the natural order of being. Whilst this natural order, meaning the link between people and nature, travels upwards along the spiral of spiritual development through contemplation, human beings, in order to understand the meaning of their own existence, consciously, unconsciously, or subconsciously defend themselves against the natural cycle of life and travel downward along the spiral of degradation. The insoluble conflict that abides within the existing world – a world gradually being discovered by humankind – creates something of a double spiral, where two opposites – the first being human self-realization in the contemporary world, and, the second, true spiritual essence – come face-to-face and confront each other.

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