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Jan Wojnar

Jedna, dvě, tři – mnoho

“The universe is built in a certain way and I am trying to make my art such that it complies with this construction.”

Jan Wojnar


Since his youth Jan Wojnar (1944) has been fascinated with movement and transformation, nature’s endless game, the incomprehensiveness of clouds, water levels, snow, grass and grains. He oversensitively perceives the features of paper, he is enchanted by the flawless white surface, he is attracted by the crumpled sheet containing inexhaustible possibilities for meaning. He says that at the beginning of his path he briefly passed through all of modern art. He tried various techniques, forms and approaches, so that he would eventually bend toward sensible creation. Brno art historian, Jiří Valoch, considers him to be the “most radical conceptualist in the Czech Republic.”

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