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Kateřina Šedá

Round and round, image of a key journey or how to walk through a wall

It was the evening. I got off in Líšeň at the ‘U Setinku’ stop and walked towards our house. 

After a few steps I heard voices coming from my favourite garden. Here you could always see variety of vegetables planted in neat rows, every year with different colours and types of flowers, different arrangements of flowerbeds. I always looked forward to seeing something new here and I usually stopped by. The neighbour, with her bent back, belonged to this place. But suddenly, there was nothing there. The picture disappeared. The planks of the new high fence were so close together that not even a small part of the garden could be seen. I was staring at it and wondered what could have possibly happened to the old see-through fence. A little further on they built a high wall. And that place never had a fence! It is a field! And you don’t fence off fields…. 

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