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Nina Beier & Marie Lund

The Challenges

Different groups of people are given an instruction with an inbuilt premise that generates a friction either amongst the group itself or in the meeting with their surroundings.(maybe distribute the photographs between the text) Fascinated by group dynamics and the ways in which individuals relate to each other, Nina Beier and Marie Lund work collaboratively, creating particular social situations that are carefully choreographed and then documented on film and in photographs. In the ongoing The Challenges series, they instigate a range of abstract games for different groups to act out. Reminiscent of playground challenges, instructions such as Go as far as you dare, or Look in the window until someone looks back at you, provoke individual competitiveness at the same time as encouraging collective effort. 

Helen Luckett, from catalogue for ‘Laughing in a Foreign Language’, Hayward Gallery 

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