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Václav Stratil

Similarity visible, difference hidden

There were two twins in the year above at my school: the younger was called Ales and the older, born a few minutes earlier, was Tomas…I have been thinking about them often in the last few days…I met Ales recently at Dejvická, at the bus stop – where the Kulatak Square is…he passed by without noticing me; I waved to him – but he didn’t react; despite that I run after him…I said to myself: maybe he didn’t see me but if he did – maybe he didn’t recognise me – we hadn’t seen each other for about fifteen years…I caught up with him on the stairs to the Metro; he was looking at me with a slightly surprised expression – it was evident that he wasn’t recognising me – I greeted him and he still wasn’t doing anything; I was pretty cheesed off and so I reminded myself to him…I won’t repeat it here but – believe me – it was worth it…

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