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Michal Kalhous

I have known Michal Kalhous for a number of years. I remember his first pictures from the beginning of the 1990s; his first exhibits. He is an important representative of his generation: his works have criticallyacclaimed value. He shows them both at home and abroad. His most recent exhibit called Garden (Zahrada) could be seen this past April in Jihlava’s Půda Gallery. He was also represented at the fourth annual Prague Biennale, a contemporary art show,
in Prague’s Karlín District. He became a pedagogue, the department head for Ostrava University’s inter-media art department. He is father to a son and
a daughter, something that changed his previous photographic vision to
a certain degree. The theme of family naturally shows through as one of his current intense interests, which he processes and in his own way understands such that the family evolves as a basic societal unit, which apparently is the only one that can serve as a guarantee for the healing, indeed “ecological”, process in cultural-horticultural norms. It’s as if the shutter of the camera does not take “only” a photograph (and a parent), but also a gardener or an orchard-keeper.

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