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Seiichi Furuya

Observations and memories, politics and intimacy

On 7 October 1985 Christine Furuya Gössler jumped from the window of her Berlin apartment located on the ninth floor. The work that her husband, Seiichi Furuya, a Japanese photographer living in Europe since 1973, created talks
in a large part about her. The image diary placed in a divided Europe frames observations from everyday life, it speaks of the Furuya family, of the son,
and mainly of the life (and indirectly the death) of his wife. The subjective observation and the photo album, diary entries of sorts on their own daily existence, are of course in no way innovative. Yet Furuya began this work at
a time when such techniques were not in fashion. And above all else he was able to build from them an obsessed mosaic of shards, in which the recent past trades places with black-and-white, rough-grain film of long ago, with intense colours, with gray indefiniteness and with unaware flash. From this mess a magical, coherent labyrinth is formed.

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