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Yuri Manríque Figueroa

The Manrique lineage

In this photographic essay the artist reconstructs various periods in his family life from the perspective of photographic archives containing photos from
a range of commercial photographers. Their photos, once they have been hung on the walls of the house, create an installation, which over time through the influence of the artist’s and his family’s physical and intellectual development evolves and the family photo album jumps out directly from the walls. The Manrique family follows a path marked by family traditions and they record year after year their own developmental process by storing time in photographs: family time. This tradition, as with other families, enables us to become familiar with different time periods and different space, in which light and shadows render present life moments that probably never belonged to us, but which – as if by magic – place us in history and allow us to reconstruct
it according to a random scenario, written based on our own individual
values and premises.

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