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Václav Tvarůžka

Amateur on the internet

Roughly ten years ago a major boom of interest in photography occurred due to a significant drop in the prices of digital technology alongside the integration of cameras into mobile phones. The need to share photos taken in the broadest scope possible led to the establishment of social photo servers, where each enthusiast could set up his/her own profile and upload their photos into common galleries and obtain feedback from the server’s other users through evaluations and comments. has been the global leader in this trend for some time now. Here we have and Photopost. cz. This phenomenon gained immediate popularity and the mass publishing understandably ended in the overload of virtual galleries with photos of poor artistic quality such as saccharine landscapes, grimace-making children, or macro-photographs of insects and flowers. This situation of course caused an immediate reaction. At first glance this hostile environment created a spawning ground for minority individuals with a need to distinguish themselves from this majority and to push for different approaches.

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#17 Amateur Photography