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Vojtěch Marek

Silva rerum in Czech style or How Vojta Marek and his friends baked a cake

Concept, 5 friends x 1 roll of 35 mm film, a white wall (backdrop), a black marker, a ruler, and a curatorial vision.


Work process:
We take the concept, contact five random friends, we give each one a roll of photographic (colour) negative material with the instructions (expose “as you see fit”) and with the condition of return after use. After receipt of the rough product we selectively remove interesting pieces. We sort the remaining material according to themes/topics shown and theoretical terms (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, crucial …) until we get a sufficiently rich and satisfying shape of the resulting image. We seek an expert word terminology for the individual group (a dictionary for contemporary art – provided such a thing exists) and we implement it with the help of the ruler and the marker into the resulting diagram for the photos on the white backdrop. Finally we connect essential statistical data about the amateur-artists and then we can serve.

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