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Boris Rjeznikov

The Unkown Craftsman of Cinema: Why a Photographer is Rarely Noticed On Set

The recent exhibition “Boris Reznikov on the Set of Grigori Kozintsev’s Hamlet” was held at the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, between March 6 and April 29, 2012. It showcased photographs taken on set by Boris Reznikov, the official photographer of the film. The exhibition featured 40 vintage prints from the mid-1960s. The film itself, a 1964 Lenfilm production, was screened alongside the exhibition, as one of the items on show. A forthcoming exhibition at the Museum of the History of Photography in St. Petersburg is to be held in autumn this year, and will feature 24 prints from the same collection shown alongside 24 images from a new comic book based on the same film. 

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