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Isabell Heimerdinger

Static Composition of Film Interiors

Isabel Heimerdinger, a German visual artist, has for a long time worked to create new contexts for film expressed in its particular artistic appropriations. Meanwhile it is not technique that defines her work, nor is it the medium that she uses. Yes still her artistic signature is still relatively easy to recognise. The artist’s fascinations have one common denominator, which is cinematography in the broadest sense of the word. She understands it as an umbrella category for all processes related to film. However she rips the film diegesis from its original meaning contexts and implants it into new thought and visual perspectives. In a more concrete specification it concerns mainly the emotional footprint that projected films leave on the recipient or Heimerdinger herself; this when they are confronted with the new situation conceived by the artist that reacts to an already-existing film. In their final form it is not so important whether the artist manipulates digital photo-collages and neon-light installations; whether she records acting performances; or makes 16mm films and videos, frequently of feature length; or if she creates an exhibition project based on simulations of flat/apartment interiors.

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