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Józef Robakowski

Manipulation, Subversion, Provocation

Józef Robakowski is a Polish media artist; a creator of numerous experimental films, videos, photographs, installations, objects, drawings and documentaries on art. He is equally active as the author of theoretical texts and as a pedagogue; an organiser of varied multi-media events and he has been involved in the establishment of experimental groups and associations (including ZERO-61 (19611969), WARSZTAT FORMY FILMOWEJ (1970– present)). In the article, The Religion of Pseudo-Avant-Gardes (Wyznanie pseudoawangardzisty, 1975), Robakowski clarifies the intention of his artistic endeavours, which are rooted in his childhood years and are defined by the distance he keeps from everything uni-faceted, collective and pre-planned. Therein the artist outlined his artistic credo of promoting individualistic and free creative work, which became an opposition to the aesthetic and political norms of the Socialist-led regime in Poland at that time. 

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