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hannah guy

The photographs of Hannah Guy, a 27 year old student at the University of Arts in London, are created according to a user-friendly and uncomplicated matrix. Their message began to come together in many ”ordinary“ variations long before she herself took up the camera. The theme that she has, with varying intensity, worked on for the last three years is concerned with family portraits of older vintage, or snapshots of moments to remember – perhaps already deemed so at the moment of their creation for purposes of reminiscence. This private home archive, cultivated by her family, provided both the primary impulse and the incentive that has motivated Hannah Guy since the days of her undergraduate studies at the Brighton University due to its rarity. Hannah Guy crosses as it were those calm streams where the path towards the broader context leads first through private life, where banality ceases to be regarded as something negative. Now, after so much time has elapsed, the countless images bequeathed to her also bring closer the uncertainty of the further continuation of the work; the inherited material offers her the chance to look for refractions of yesteryear’s light in familiar settings.

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