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tailor-made intimacies

”Dear diary…“ It would probably prove as difficult as it would be foolish to try to find an equivalent of this diary catchphrase in terms of visual language. This traditional rhetorical flourish is used to address one’s diary as an imaginary partner in intimate dialogue, verbalizing one’s need to bear testimony and share one’s subjective experiences, impressions, emotions, ideas, visions, etc. A visual diary is also a means of self-expression, supplementing, or replacing nonetheless the monolithic message of text with a collage of diverse visual or textual fragments within the formal framework of the diary. As a collection of cuttings, pictures, photographs, or even the paper ”refuse“ of everyday life (such as receipts, tram or exhibition tickets and so on), the visual diary does not take the form of a spontaneous flow of individual consciousness but freely switches from one momentary impression, memory or prospective vision to another.

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#6 The Recycle Image