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The video work of Ondřej Brody, produced at times in collaboration with Marek That has managed in the long term to keep its unmistakeable trademark poetics, characteristic for its unusual degree of absurdity and obscurity, sometimes bordering on the unbearable. Most of his short videos seem somehow remote – to those of us who are active in the field of visual arts, and even more so to an unprepared visitor to a contemporary art exhibition. Brody’s moving images can be tedious and exciting at the same time. They possess a strong magnetism, although we often find that we are not really interested in watching them in their entirety. It is difficult to find one’s bearings between their polarities of attraction and repulsion. The difficulty with the perception and interpretation of his original works may be elucidated more by a simple reconstruction of five contrete images, including their easily missed details and overall atmosphere.

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#6 The Recycle Image