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I Am Warning You

Rafał Milach, I Am Warning You, GOST, London 2021.

In a triptych hidden inside a cardboard box bearing the inscription I Am Warning You, the author explores the theme of migration, including the barriers, fences and walls that are currently being built along borders across the world. Milach began working on this theme before the current trend of portraying these issues. He began his series with images of anti-immigration barriers made of barbed wire that were hastily put together on the Hungarian borders in 2015, while in the second section of the book, he presents the wall dividing Mexico and the USA. In the third brochure, Milach focuses on memory and the fetishization of the Berlin wall, parts of which are now for sale at exorbitant rates on auction sites such as eBay. At the present moment, this is the most optimistic portion of the book, suggesting as it does that even the walls that are most difficult to overcome will one day crumble and reveal a path to freedom.


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