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Karel Slach

Paths of Vysočina 2020

Despite his lifelong relationship with the analogue camera, Karel Slach (born in Tábor on December 17th 1940), primarily a cameraman and documentary film maker, has, in recent years, found his place in the field of digital photography. He selected a simple but functional method of recording a point – strategically important to him – in the landscape of Vysočina (a region also known as the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands). Elementary records of moods and atmospheres in the alternation of the seasons through the landscape are transformed by Slach into the square code of image maps. With his own personal approach to depicting microsituations and gestures, he thus creates exceptionally complex records of situations in the landscape in a constant flow of time. He thus explores and mediates to us a complex relationship to himself, to the landscape, and to the most elementary nuances of the laws of nature that touch each of us.

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