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Inuuteq Storch, John Møller, Mirrored, Roulette Russe, Copenhagen 2021.

Photobooks are now a global phenomenon, as attested to by another new publication on the seemingly distant subject of Greenland. This three-hundred-page book contains black-and-white photographs made in this island colony by the Danish traveler John Møller (1867–1935). The forgotten images were found and selected from the state archives by the young Greenlandic photographer Inuuteq Storch, who also arranged them and added captions. He created an extraordinary work that discovers this enormous country for today’s readers, as well as providing the basics of the visual history of Greenland. Storch’s dialogue with Møller, which takes place across virtually an entire century, also involves an exploration of memory, serving as an example of how colonial pasts can be handled constructively – and not only of the Danes and Inuits but also Møller and Storch, who alternate in examining each other’s image in this book.

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