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Theater of the Street

Lada Hubatová-Vacková (Ed.), Divadlo ulice: Reklama a aranžérství výkladních skříní v kontextu modernismu, 1918–1938, Prague: Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague 2021

The book Theater of the Street accompanies readers through the streets of the First Republic flooded with neon lights. Together with several other authors, Lada Hubatová-Vacková presents the history of display cases, illuminated advertising, and window displays in the context of modernism. Alongside film from the period, photography also, of course, comes into play. In his study “Love at First Sight: Advertising, Shop Window Displays, the Neon City and New Photography,” Antonín Dufek maps not only the practical use of photography in advertising, but also considers the theoretical background and artistic use of urban flânerie or the imagination associated with mannequins and peeling signboards.


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