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Beyond any difference:

Olga Moskatova on image movements, shifting materiality and (not only) digital cameraless images

What does it mean for images to be mobile? How does the photographic capturing of a radioactive trace help us come into contact with non-human temporality? And what do digital images have in common with Alice in Wonderland? We discussed the co-existence of incommensurable timescales and more-than-human agency in image production, as well as her recently published anthology Images on the Move, with media theorist Olga Moskatova, who recently visited Prague to deliver a talk at the Reconsidering Cameraless Photography conference at FAMU.. While passing through historical and infrastructural contexts of image mobility, we also discussed the relevance and ubiquity of the ’post-’ prefix in theorizing media and explored the peculiar shifting materiality of digital networks.

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