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Harun Farocki Institute, Berlin

Pavlína Vogelová

The Harun Farocki Institute (HaFI) can be understood as a specific living archive as well as an active research platform for visual artists and art historians and theorists.  It is a dynamic environment for analytical thinking within the process of the transformation of image perception, the idea for which was given by Farocki himself (1944–2014) with his specific approach to image communication already in 1976. The current Harun Farocki Institute in Berlin (HaFI), which was established in 2015, continues in the same spirit. It stresses the continuity of systematic research into media, image and society with reference to Farocki’s film and theoretical work. HaFI initiates and supports new research, residencies, publication and exhibition projects that could advance and refine the reflection of Farocki’s work. Their basis is a connection to topics or approaches grounded in a critical analysis of one’s own subjectivity towards the social spectacle.

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